Tooo Front Cam DVF100


Package includes a FREE 1year ToooLive App subscription for video creation and editing (similar to Relive App)

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PRE-ORDER NOW to get 10% off, received by 15th Jan 2024

PRE-ORDER NOW to get 10% off, received by 15th Jan 2024

The Tooo Front Cam took almost 2years of research and development, including product testing and final upgrades to be able to debut out from Factory. This is a product with high and clear resolution even in low light conditions. The lightweight metallic full enclosed casing with magnetic charging make sure that the waterproofing is at top quality. It can be used as a cycling video camera as well as your day-to-day outdoor sports camera with its slick and handy size!  Enhanced your safety with the Tooo  Front Cam by capturing important incidents and proof for reviewing.




Specifications of DVF100:

• Built-in 128GB eMMC Storage

Compared to SD cards, eMMC offers a longer lifespan, while providing users with a more stable and high-speed experience for image storage and exporting.
• 1.3“ HD display with touch
To provide users with an enhanced operating experience, setting parameters, selecting shooting modes, and reviewing videos can all be accomplished on the touchscreen.
• 4000mA Built-in Lithium Polymer Battery
While ensuring exceptional image quality, the camera is designed to offer extended operating hours, meeting users’ need for prolonged recording during bike rides.
• Six-axis gyroscope stabilizer
Delivering superior image quality, the DVF100 also features automatic sleep and wake functionality. When the user remains stationary for a set period, the camera will automatically enter sleep mode. Upon resuming the ride, the DVF100 will automatically resume recording. If the user remains stationary for over 3 hours, the camera will power off. With this feature activated, the DVF100 will exclusively record videos during the user’s bike rides.
• Front Warning Light (up to 300 lumens)
The warning light lens incorporates professional optical design, enabling the light to transmit over longer distances and ensuring increased visibility to others.
• 8-pin Pogo Pin
We utilize an 8-pin Pogo Pin as the charging and data transfer interface for the DVF100. This design, combined with the eMMC, enables high- speed file copying between the DVF100 and a computer or mobile phone.  Additionally, it provides a charging current ranging from 1.2A to 1.7A, allowing for a full charge in approximately 4 hours. Furthermore, the DVF100 is designed to support charging in damp or rainy environments, if deemed necessary by the user.
• Net Weight of DVF100
– 146g

Performance of DVF100

• Video Resolution
4K (3840 *2160) 30FPS (Operating time 7-7.5hrs)
2K(2560*1440) 30/60FPS (Operating time 7-7.5hrs)
1080P(1920*1080) 30/60/120FPS (Operating time 7-9hrs)
720P(1280*720) 30/60/120FPS (Operating time 8-9hrs)
When users are cycling, it’s recommended to use 1080P/60FPS or 2K/60FPS. This allows for a balance between image quality and battery life. If users prefer an extended battery life, it’s suggested to opt for 1080P/30FPS.
• Supported Shooting Modes of DVF100
Video Recording Modes
Time-Lapse Shooting Mode
During cycling, users can choose the video recording mode and combine it with the warning light to achieve video recording while cycling and the warning function simultaneously.
While cycling, users always encounter beautiful scenery. When users want to capture interesting videos, such as sunrise or sunset/tide changes, they can choose the time-lapse shooting mode during these moments.
• Auto Sleep-Wake
– The camera can be set to sleep when stationary for 2min and wake up when movement to continue recording when motion detected. This is to conserve battery power on unnecessary recording. This setting can be turned off on settings if necessary.


Q1. How long can the battery lasts when fully charged?
A1. Depending on the recording resolution set, as well as usage of front lights, recording can be up to 9hrs of use.

Q2. Can the DVF100 be connected to mobile phones?
A2. Yes, 2 different adaptors will be provided to provide this connectivity (lightning and USB-C)

Q3. Does the DVF100 record sound?
A3. Yes, very clear sound recording, so beware of swearing lol

Q4. Can the playback of videos be done on the DVF100 itself?
A4. Yes, you view the recordings via the 1.3inch LCD screen directly. You may also connected to your phone or laptop to view them too.

Q5. Does the DVF100 comes with warranty?
A5. Yes, it comes with 1year warranty

Q6. Is the DVF100 waterproof?
A6. Yes, with the introduction of magnetic pogo 8-pin charging, build-in 128GB eMMC card and the lightweight metallic casing with complete enclosure, you are assured of the waterproofing.

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 20 × 15 × 8 cm