Cycled Project Singapore

Cycled was founded in 2014, it’s a project grounded on the passion for cycling, on researching endless ways to give new life to racing bike tyres.

Each Cycled product is entirely Made in Italy, starting from the collection of raw material, sewing, packing and shipping.
Philosophy of sustainable production that respect the environment.
The innovation is transmitted by a new way of developing the production chain.

Super Corsa Series

Designed from the idea to recycle tubular tyres used in racings – they are normally too stiff to be transformed into other products – our Supercorsa Belt combine an ultimate upcycling idea with an elegant style.  Made from a recycled racing tubular tyre stitched on a genuine leather belt.

Sports Series

A recycled racing bicycle tyre.  Entirely handcrafted, iron branded and numbered.  Strap folded and stitched with cotton coloured strings.

Key Holder Series

Cycled Key Holder is made from tyre cut outs, we make sure a used bicycle tyre gets entirely up-cycled.  Made from a bicycle tyre strap stitched with coloured strings and finished with a leather belt loop.

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