X-Force Photochromic Aurora Sunglass (Pink_White)

FEATURE:Lens colour changes by Sunlight (UV intensity), turns dark in day and remain clear at night! Lens change not required, best for day-night rides!

Available frame width size:
– M (135mm) / L (145mm)

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Why do you need a good pair of Sunglasses?

1) UV Protection – The sun gives off UV radiation that you can’t see or feel. In small doses, it boosts vitamin D. But too much of it can cause problems like sunburn and skin cancer. It can also damage your eyes.

2) Too much UV light can cause cataracts. It can also destroy the retina, the lining at the back of your eyes that helps you see clearly. It could even cause tissue to grow over your eyeball.

3) UV light can cause changes in cells that lead to skin cancer. It may not lead to cancer in your eyes, but it can thicken tissues around them and cause discomfort.

4) You’ll ward off those little wrinkles at the corners of your eyes. They come from too much time in the sun. You’ll protect the whites of your eyes from damage and block that eyeball-searing ultraviolet (UV) light.


– Aegis S.Matic Soft 7 Base (France)
– Photochromic lens with lens colour change by UV light intensity
– 3 seconds lens colour change by UV intensity
– Soft lens properties
– Opacity (22%-75%)
– Grilamid TR90 world best plastic frame
– Ultra lightweight @ 22gram net
– NX-NosePad, high variation positions
– Single piece anti-slip frame leg
– E-lock quick release frame design
– Water repellant coating
– 100% anti-UV
– Anti-scratch, resistant to impact

– 1 pair Aurora Sunglasses
– Lint free protective soft cover
– Hard cover with carabiner hook

– Lens Made in France
– Product of Taiwan

Weight .2 kg
Dimensions 15 × 8 × 8 cm

M (Width 135mm), L (Width 145mm)

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