Eco-Friendly Bicycle Wash & Wax with Valencia Oil


– Concentrate formula good for up to 50x bike wash
– Pleasant orange concentrate smell

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Step 1: Spray diluted bicycle wash
Step 2: Wait for 5-10min
Step 3: Wipe dry, your bike is cleaned and waxed!

– Include spray bottle and microfiber cloth
– Superior cleaning power
– CYLION Bicycle Wash & Wax contains mild acting cleaning ions and has a rich frothy foam effect which quickly removes the dirt on the bike frame that comes from daily use
– Its deep penetrating cleaning power ensures a clean surface for the wax to be applied on, giving your bike a perfect even shine
– Protective Wax Layer: CYLION Bicycle Wash & Wax is especially suitable for scrub washing, giving your bike a clean, polished, and fresh-looking finish
– The protective wax layer effectively guards against moisture and reduces wear and tear.

Surface Protection:
– CYLION Bicycle Wash & Wax cleans metal frames, tires, plastic parts and painted surfaces.
– Eco-friendly formula.
– After washing, excess waste liquid will naturally break down and leave no contaminants in the environment

– 1x 500ml bottle CYLION Concentrate Bike Wash & Wax
– 1x Spray bottle
– 1x Cleaning cloth

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